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E-MTB - Experience uphill fun

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What is E-MTB? Is it still a sport if you are supported by an engine? Of course it is still sport! But it is no torment anymore, even if it goes uphill long and dirty. Some conventional bikers like to screw their way to the top with the biggest possible pinion, with felt 400 revolutions on the pedal and a maximum of 4.2 km/h... but we always ride casually uphill! With between 15 km/h and 25 km/h we reach the summit or the intermediate stage we want to reach in a short time. And because we didn't spend so much time climbing there, we can explore more of the Harz mountain landscape with its great panoramas and numerous trails with the time and energy we gained. For the conventional biker the day is usually over here.

With the introduction of electric drives, the concept of uphill fun has been formed. It hits the nail on the head! Even uphill - especially in the trail - we get a big grin and the legendary "Hui!" feeling, which is why we love our e-bikes so much. Of course, everyone has the right and motivation to ride a conventional or electrically assisted MTB. However, we claim that the E-MTB experience value is higher due to the range and the drive-related adjustment of the performance classes, so that married couples can also ride together. Not to mention the "hui!" feeling.