Why the name "Schiefer"?

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Our "SCHIEFER" is the former finance building, which is located on the east side of the Goslar market square. Until a few years ago it was an administration building of the municipal finance department. Originally, our "SCHIEFER" was built in 1787 as a town combing plant. Individual arches, which can still be seen in the vaulted cellar, date back to the early 15th century.

The displaced façade of our real estate is a symbol of past days, in which slate was a popular and widely used material, which was extracted here in the place from the Middle Ages. The traditional clay slate from Goslar is used as roofing and façade covering for the old town of Goslar, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. It is characterised by a very characteristic and varied medium grey to light brown colouring. For Goslar it was a very special wealth that roofing slate could be extracted at three different locations: Besides the Rathschiefergrube, these were the mines at Nordberg and Glockenberg. The slate from Goslar was in great demand and was sold far beyond the city limits. Since the 1960s, no slate has been mined in Goslar.

The same applies to ore mining, which ended with the gift of the carillon by Preussag AG, which was installed in the gable of our house, at the end of the 60s. Under the sounds of miner's songs, the gates of the carillon open and a figure circle begins: At first Ritter Ramm appears, who is said to have given the name to the Rammelsberg ore mine - also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is followed by life-size figures, the miners who stand for Goslar's mining tradition with their tools.

We understand our building with its carillon and the different façade on our exposed market place as one of the most popular and traditional objects of our beautiful city. In its appreciation and with a little pride in our Goslar we named our gastronomy "SCHIEFER" in 2013.

By the way, the building material slate is now hip and modern again, which makes us happy and encourages us in our work.